Saturday, April 19, 2008

Knowing and Believing

Today I would like to share an article titled On Skepticism, Religion and Metaphysics by mystery novelist Barbara Klaser. The section on dreams is worth your time, and she has lots of lovely links at her blog, Spirit Blooms.

I liked this comment:

I’m happy to have no religion, and no particular label for my spirituality. I’ve been happy with that for many years. I’m a seeker, but I’m not looking for a religion. I choose to seek everywhere, not just in one grouping of writings or beliefs. And while I am seeking, I’m also always finding, so I don’t feel lost at all.

Indeed. For me, whenever I find spiritual truth that speaks to me, it's like coming home.

I also enjoyed another article by hers titled Specialist or Generalist


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Sia! I'm glad you enjoyed the article.