Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rescuing Orphaned Wildlife

This video offers us a lovely view of the work done by a group called Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue. Yggdrasil, as Nordic Pagans know, means world tree. In this video you'll will see photos of Yggdrasil volunteers caring for young and orphaned wildlife, including "pinkies", very young squirrels that few people ever get to see. My Green Witches' hat is off to these good folks in Oakland, California for their compassion and dedication.

There may well be an urban wildlife rescue center where you live. Such groups can always use supplies like paper towels and toilet paper, and they would love to get gift cards (no amount too small) from certain stores. Most wildlife rescue groups have a website that includes a Wish List. You don't have to give a lot to lend a hand.

They can also use volunteers, and will train you to work with the young birds and animals in their care. If you don't want to work in the shelter, why not offer to help out in the office? Most of these places are open 7 days and week and need help all hours of the day - why not offer a bit of support to Mamma Gaia and her creatures?

Do a Google search under "wildlife rescue" + your town and find a special place like this near you. Also check out your local Audubon chapter. Here in Portland, Oregon, much of this work is done at the local Audubon Wildcare Center, and they offer wonderful guided hikes and day trips, as well.

And if you like the ocean, check out groups that handle marine mammal rescue.

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