Tuesday, January 01, 2008


There are three things I love to do on January 1st.

1. Greet the sunrise, make a very dark pot of coffee, and watch the Rose Parade. Watching the parade is something I've done since I was a kid growing up in Los Angeles. The floats made from flowers, leaves, grasses and seeds, the high school bands, the multicultural performing groups, and the gorgeous horse teams always make me smile.

2. Go on a hike with some loved ones, and

3. Put up my new WeMoon Wall calendar and put my new WeMoon datebook on my desk. The theme this year is Mending the Web (1)

Check out their website and the links page, as well. They have a lovely collection of links for women artists.

Welcome 2008


(1) From the website:

is a best-selling appointment book, astrological moon calendar, earth-centered spiritual guide and multicultural handbook in natural rhythms. Now in its 27th year of publication, We'Moon is created for, by and about womyn.

With the theme this year of Mending the Web, We'Moon '08 contains inspirational art and writing by womyn on the growing edge of international womyn's culture—and offers a kaleidoscopic view of earth and the divine feminine.

We'Moon includes: week-at-a-glance format, daily astrological aspects, daily moon phases and signs, complete ephemeredes, astrological predictions for each sign and an extra 10-page section for notes.

We'Moon '08 is available in three editions: spiral binding, durable layflat binding and unbound. The unbound edition is identical to the other two in every way except for the binding and packaging—it is loose-leafed and shrink-wrapped, and gives expanded options for the varied lives of We'Moon users. It can be customized at a local copy shop for those who want a We'Moon supplement to day-planners or a customized We'Moon personal journal.

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Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I love We'Moon:) I first heard of them 2 years ago when a friend purchased the calndar for me and again last year. This year no calendar so I got one from ebay last week. Should be here tomorrow hopefully as we have no mail today
Happy new year
amber in England