Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cats Rescued from Beirut

Witches help those who can't help themselves
- Terry Pratchett

I've met five of these cats, and they are very sweet.

You can view their pictures and read their stories. Different cats are in shelters here and here.

Congratulations to PETA in Beruit for the work they are doing rescuing animals in the war zone, and to the Pixie Project and CAT, here in Oregon.

Looking for a pet in your area?

Check out Petfinder.com - they list rescued pets from all over the U.S. You can search both dogs and cats, and look for your new best friend by breed, size, age, etc.

February Fix-A-Thon

Do you need a low cost spay or neuter for your cat? If so, check out the February Fix-A-Thon at CAT, which is designed to help individuals and families in need of financial assistance.


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