Monday, December 03, 2007

Yule Recipes from Iceland

I recently found Icelandic recipes from a site about Icelandic Feasts & Celebrations. Enjoy. (1)

Drink some Sun Coffee this Yule, and do try the rice pudding.


Because of Iceland's northerly location, the sun rises very low over the horizon during the winter. The country has many deep, narrow fjords and valleys where the sun does not rise above the mountains for several weeks during the darkest winter days. When the sun finally does show itself for a few minutes, it is a cause for celebration for the inhabitants of those dark valleys and fjords.

These days, the inhabitants of some towns and villages will get together in the gathering hall to celebrate the arrival of sunshine. Others will celebrate individually in their own homes. There is no specific sunshine day, since the sun will appear on different days in different locations. And there should be no cheating: even if you know that the sun has risen above the mountains, there is no celebrating until the weather actually allows it to be seen! This tradition is widespread in Iceland, especially in the east and west fjords, but also in some fjords and valleys in the north.


History of Iceland

Pagans in Iceland

Nordic Directory - Paganism, √Āsatru or "Our Way"

Art: Reproduction of a statue from the 10th century of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, found in Iceland.

(1) I cannot recommend either the shark (endangered) or the sheep's testicles (not my thing) but I've had some of these other dishes and I like them very much.

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