Saturday, November 03, 2007

Someone You Should Know: Dawn writing on empathy and creativity

This comes from Dawn's blog titled This Women's Work. Her is an excerpt from the post Empathy:

After one interview I ran through all the frustrating people I know and thought, “Yup, we’re missing empathy.” Like the woman who railed on about how things ought to be done without noticing that I was doing it differently and might feel insulted? No empathy. Like the guy who bragged for hours about his accomplishments without noticing that his companion was getting smaller with every word? No empathy.

And lord knows that I’ve been that blowhard, too, (and surely will be again and likely was just this morning) thinking more about my headlong role in a conversation than about the person I’m talking to.

This comes from her post titled The Renaissance Is Over:

I personally think that the model of the driven artist is one based on a male way of creating. Women have historically had other things to do. Things like raise the kids and cook the dinners and make the money so their husbands can go on being creative geniuses. I think that we need to look at other women artists for our inspiration or as cautionary tales. The women who have found a balance that appeals to us (and it may mean more work for some and more living for others), are the ones we can make our own personal imaginary mentors.

Read her work. You'll be glad you did.


My thanks go out to the Blessed Moon Family Coven for the link.


Hecate said...


Women who create are generally far more driven than their male companions. The women have to be so driven that, as this quote notes, they'll get up early, stay up late, organize their day with fanatic precision, in order to find time to create. Men, not so much.

Dj Connell said...


Perhaps we are not quite so driven to make men into handmaidens for our genius :-)