Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pagans are Givers

a Posted by Picasa A number of people have very kindly donated to our Earthwise Campaign for Heifer International (1) and I am reminded, yet again, that Pagans are Givers.

Not enough attention is paid to the fact that Pagans give - quietly, kindly, and consistently - many thousands of dollars and a great deal of their personal time and effort to mainstream and earthwise causes. I hear about the work they do all the time. I'm going to highlight that work here, whenever I can.

Here are two examples to brighten the holiday season:

This came in from a Pagan woman in San Jose:

Hi Sia! Happy Holidays...I wanted you to know that this (campaign) is awesome! In fact, all of the employees at my company gave up our X-Mas gifts from the company to give the money to this organization, and we bought 2 goats, 1 water buffalo and 1 Heifer.

(This same gal also made a donation to our campaign. Thanks, Tina!)

This note arrived from another Pagan gal who is giving to more than one charity this year:

(My partner) and I are doing some Heifer gifts this year for the first time... they have *finally* created alternative gift cards to their old Noah's Ark theme.....My main avenue for helping folks is sponsoring children through Childreach. I am currently sponsoring a girl in Uganda and one in Sri Lanka. Childreach works not only with the children and their families but with whole villages upgrading sanitary infrastruction, building schools, etc. If one can't make a monthly commitment there are always campaigns like disaster relief for AIDS prevention to which a one-time donation can be made.

Thanks for letting me know about your campaign.

Hugs, R.F.

Thanks, folks. Those are the Pagan stories we need to hear.

Blessed Solstice & Happy Holidays,


Notes on Heifer International & Our Earthwise Campaign:

On behalf of Earthwise people everywhere, Full Circle is raising money to buy seeds, goats, chickens, cows, bees and other farm animals to give to needy families via Heifer International. Can you spare $5.00? If so, you can help heal hunger and create peace this season.

Heifer International will use our donations to provide livestock and training to families around the world helping them feed themselves and earn money by selling milk, eggs, and wool. In return, these families promise that they will give the offspring from their animals to other families in their community. It's a path out of hunger and poverty, and it begins with us.

Go to our campaign page at Heifer Intl:

(The site is run by this non-profit and it is secure) .

The direct website for Heifer is here:

If you want to get more involved, your group can start their own campaign:

and check out their nifty catalog:

100% of all monies raised goes directly to Heifer International.

Illustration: This is a small copy of piece by Yvonne Gilbert, a well known painter and illustrator of children's books including Per and the Dala Horse by Rebecca Hickox, A Christmas Star Called Hannah by Vivian French, Tutankhamun: The Life and Death of a Pharaoh by David Murdoch and The Dictionary of Fairies and Iron Wolf, both by Richard Adams. Ms. Gilbert lives and works in England. This image comes from one of her annual holiday cards. More of her wonderful images can be seen at her homepage.

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Hecate said...

Amazingly gorgeous picture; thank you for turning me on to this artist. Also, info on Change the Present, which includes heifer, at my homepage.