Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sacred Symbols & Sex Holidays

Well, bowl me over.

This week The Witches Voice has put up a list of articles designated as “Best of the Year” (to date). The caption reads:

Join us is celebrating the top 20 'most read' articles and essays of 2006

It was no surprise to see that the talented Mike Nichols was listed first, with an article titled “A Witch By Any Other Name”.

I was flattered to see that people like my piece on sacred sexual symbols and the celebration of women titled “Hearts & Flowers: Reclaiming Valentines Day”, and really delighted to see that Snakemoon’s wonderful piece, “I’m Pagan: Ask Me About My Sex Holiday!” (1) “was listed, as well.

I called her up to tell her the news, and said, “Now, aren’t you glad that I nagged you to submit that!.” She laughed. She knows how much I love her work.

Both of us had originally written these pieces for the FCE newsletter, and then sent them on to The Witches’ Voice for later (and larger) publication. I will continue to “nag” my good friend Snake to collect her essays into a book. She is working on another one as we speak, and it should be a good one. Stay tuned.

Among my personal favorites from that Vox list are:

We Never Told Him No: A real world look at Pagan parenting by Seichimet

Trial and Error of Grimoire Making by Nefabit


(1) The title comes from an old WitsEnd quote button, one of many that WitsEnd Productions made for Pagan & Sci Fi conventions.

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