Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pagan Thoughts of Spring

I posted this today at our FCE Community Calendar and at Vox:

To honor Spring and Gaia's creatures, Full Circle has offered to help the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley find responsible volunteers to help feed and care for wildlife in their shelter. WCSV cares for injured and orphaned wildlife for release back to the wild and full training will be provided. Volunteers can choose their own hours. Call now to register for volunteer training classes.

This is a Pagan-friendly place. They won our Gaia's Guardian Award in 2002 (and attended the ceremony at the Witches' Ball) and several Pagans are active there, already. However, you do not have to be "out of the broom closet" to participate in this volunteer drive. Simply call or email Patricia (their Volunteer Coordinator) and tell her that Full Circle sent you. She will be as discreet as you need her to be.

Here is a note from Patricia: Every year an average of 5,000 wild animals are brought to the Wildlife Center. Most of them come in from April through September: the Baby Season. We take care of thousands of juvenile songbirds as well as hundreds of juvenile squirrels, ducks, and opossums. Additionally, we also get adult wildlife in larger numbers during this time. In 2005 we took care of 4, 833 wild animals and in 2004 we took care of 5, 652 animals, representing 130 different species. We need volunteers for animal care work, educational outreach, landscaping, data base/office administration, fundraising, and board work. Our mission at the WCSV is to provide quality care and rehabilitation of injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife in Silicon Valley. Through education programs, our newsletter, and our telephone hotline, we foster a positive coexistence between the public and wildlife and encourage an interest in and concern for wildlife and conservation issues. Please call (408) 929-WILD or email Patricia at

Questions? Concerns? Write to us at or call the FCE office at 408-615-9830.

Happy Spring!

Sia, the FCE Council & Staff


The March newsletter was very well done. Labrys used the links I send her to put together a wonderful issue about birds and bees.

Lately, I've sent her some other links on teaching toddlers about spring.

Meanwhile, this has been the coldest spring in 20 years in the UK and the birds are hard hit by the Siberian weather. Thousands of people are freezing to death in Russia and a certain peat bog is becoming a global threat. Are we in for another mini Ice Age? Maybe...maybe not. Things make look pretty hopeless, and maybe that's what they want us to think. Here in U.S. we live in a televised culture of fear, we can often feel paralyzed, unable to effect change. The problem looks too big, so we do nothing. Here at FCE we do what we can to educate our members about both the problem and the solution. Part of the solution is doing the good that's in front of us, like gathering Pagans together to help feed baby birds in animal shelters. We take our cue from groups like Heifer International, and other organizations that work with the poorest of the poor, in order to find inspiration and hope for the future.


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