Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sacred Sexuality

For the last several months Snakemoon and I have been discussing ideas for her provocative article on sacred sexuality. It's done at last and we've published it in the January edition of the Full Circle Newsletter. It is titled, "I'm Pagan, Ask Me About My Sex Holiday".

Just before we went to press, I added in a Publisher's Note. If you read the article, you'll see why I felt the need to do that.

It's a very good piece, overall; a nice mix of both sense and sensibility. I hope she send it to The Witches' Voice for Beltane. Snakemoon is emerging as a powerful voice in our community, in part because she loves the rhyme but still seeks the reason. I'm glad that we have been a part of her creative process - she's a great gal. I wish we had ten more just like her.

For my part, I have posted a list of Earthwise calendars and almanacs for 2006. I always have fun finding these. My two favorite are We'Moon and the Urban Almanac.


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