Sunday, November 06, 2005

Miss Sally

Miss Sally:

In the October edition of the Full Circle Newsletter we published a note from a Pagan friend of mine about a rescued dog named Miss Sally, a lovable Dalmation who was starving on the streets in Riverside, along with a notice about some rescued kittens, as all of these needed a home. As Bast would have it, just two days later my mother mentioned that she was was now feeling ready for another dog, and that she had always wanted a Dalmation. (?!) "Funny you should say that", I replied, "I happen to know where we can get one....."

I spent a month working with Miss Sally and found that she is sweet tempered and very good on a leash. She must have been someone's baby once, because she's been well trained, she is good with our cats. She also likes to ride in the car and is very, very loving. I gave these reports to Mom on the phone and and she decided that Sally was to come with us when we went to visit Mom at the end of the month.

I wrote this to a friend when we got back:

We took Sally, that rescued Dalmatian, on a road trip to my Mom in Medford, OR. They liked each other at first sight.

We were going up there anyway for the one year anniversary of my Dad's passing. The three of us went to his gravesite on a lovely day, and everyone left feeling sad, but whole. When our visit was done we left town we felt better because we weren't leaving Mom behind alone. She now has Miss Sally who will give her lots of reasons to get out more for walks and meet people at the dog park. They will give each other lots of love and protections and this is always a good thing.

We will see Mom again at Thanksgiving, but so far reports from there are good. Sally has already convinced Mom that she should be allowed to sit on her own chair and she respects the three cats, who have place of precedence.

Small World:

A further bit of Pagan serendipity: I know a Pagan gal named Farrell. We know each other from the dog park and she was a long time volunteer at the Witches' Ball. Her daughter Rachael was helping to babysit Sally which is how I first heard about this dog. Sally liked playing in Rachael's backyard with her white lab Mickey and a little pomerian named....wait for it....Agador Sparticus. Agador's daddy (and Rachael's housemate is a nice guy named James. James's partner is Justin. It was Justin's sister who rescued Sally off the streets, and it was Justin who was down in L.A. (on a sudden, inspired visit) who took Sally off her hands and brought her up to the Bay Area. But Justin lives in apartment and works long hours, so during the day he left Sally at his partner's house with my friend's daughter's get the picture. Add to that the delightful fact that Justin is Pagan and my friends didn't know that. Justin had recently moved her from Southern California and he was keeping quiet until he could find the "sane ones". Smart man. He had seen my greenman necklace when we played with Sally and figured I was safe to ask. So, I was able to say "Yep. I'm Pagan and so is Rachael's Mom". No doubt the Goddess was had a good laugh. I've introduced Justin to our Networking Coordinator and he now has the contacts he needs.

Funny how he just got it into his head to visit his sister that weekend.....


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