Monday, October 31, 2005

Gaia's Guardian Award 2005


Full Circle is proud to announce that United Animal Nations is the winner of our 2005 Gaia’s Guardian Award. The Gaia's Guardian Award is given to local heroes & heroines for "Outstanding work benefiting Mamma Gaia and her creatures". UAN has received this award for their work rescuing animals after Hurricanes Katrina & Wilma. This award comes with a plague from Anubis Engraving and a $250.00 check from Full Circle Events.*

Previous Winners Include:

California Bat Conservation Society

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

Debra Noel

Officer Christine Franco

In previous years, this award would have been presented at the Witches'
Ball, a charity fundraiser we hold for our local Humane Society. FCE did not host a ball this year; therefore, we will be sending UAN the award plaque and a check for $250.00. We will also build a web page on our site to celebrate this event and this group's wonderful work.

UAN wrote a lovely response to our members upon receiving word of this award:

Thank you so much for granting this honor to UAN! It means a lot to us to be recognized for our work. Although we are widely known for our disaster relief program, the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS), we are strong advocates for animals in all situations. For example, through our "A Better Choice" Campaign, we encourage members and others to make decisions in their daily lives that can help improve the well being of animals and the environment.

I will look forward to receiving the check and plaque, and we will display it in our office with pride!”

Alexis Raymond
Communications Director, UAN

Congratulations to United Animal Nations and their hard working volunteers from the members and Council at Full Circle.


· The money normally comes from the Witches’ Ball’s proceeds. This year’s award proceeds have been donated by various FCE supporters, among them F. Caso, J. Pakozdi, J&L Ray and Yours Truly.

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