Friday, May 13, 2005

Spiral Steps Support Group On-line

This just in from Spiral Steps:

As per many requests, Spiral Steps now has an cyber group up at Yahoo. This is the online version of the Spiral Steps support groups. It is run by a moderator named Minerva.

These meetings use the Spiral Steps format and philosophy. These 13 steps & traditions focus on healing, recovery, and empowerment. We discuss any and all issues here and we focus not just on the problem, but also on the solution.

These meetings are open all who respect the ethics of Earthwise spirituality, including Pagans, Wiccans, Buddhists, Humanists, Goddess Celebrants, Taoists, Native Americans, Druids, Pagan-friendly Christians & Jews, New Age folks, Shamans, Mystics, etc. All are welcome.

To read more about the Spiral Steps, please visit the website and read our origins and F.A.Q. page.

To find or start a physical meeting in your area, please visit the Spiral Steps website or write to us at

Founder, Spiral Steps

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