Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ordinary Pagans

There is a lovely article at Vox today that talks about Sekmet. It caught my eye becuase it mentions at least 3 ways that our folks can be involved in practical, useful efforts that don't always involved ritual or being Pagan in a public way. I wrote a "thank you" note today to the author.

I've been trying to think of a word that describes the sort of Neo-Pagans I
like to be around. When I was first looking for a way to phase this I began to call them "Ordinary Pagans", meaning people who have lives, jobs, responsibilities and they are pretty balanced (or working on getting there).
I talked to Snake about this many times, and she has since written a very good article on the subject for our newsletter. She may even write a book. I hope so.

Ordinary Pagans pay their bills. They vote, they have manners, they volunteer, they raise happy kids, - that sort. I've also referred to them as the "Limited
Edition Adult Version" (L.E.A.V for short), but usually, I just call them
"the sane ones".

Today, over at Vox, Fritz Jung referred to them as "grounded Pagans". That
works, too :-)

Below is an excerpt from the article I liked, with a link to it at The Witches Voice.


I headed out to for the next leg of our journey honoring Sekhmet. Our next
stop was Kanab, Utah and a visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I had
made a promise to donate money to the special-needs kitties at the Sanctuary
in Sekhmet's name.

There are so very many ways that a Pagan Priest/ess can serve the Earth and the Goddesses/Gods/Spirit in a practical way. One doesn't have to work
within the organizing of religion to do so. In fact, one doesn't have to be
particularly social or enjoy people. The special part, in my opinion, of
being a Pagan is being able to have a personal relationship with Spirit.
Honoring all of our fellow living beings and the Earth as a living
representation of Spirit is what it is all about. Now, more than ever, we
need everybody to care, seek education, and get involved.


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