Monday, May 09, 2005

Beltane Kitten Update

Kitten update:
Wild Willie is over his second fever and doing fine. We still don't know what was wrong, but I have a guess.

When his fever came back, he received an aspirin shot at the Vet, which brought his fever down. Then I begin treating both kittens for the ear mites. Since he's had the mite medicine, his fever has stayed down, he has more energy and he is back to eating normally. The blood tests came back normal - no FIV, no elevated white cells, so no infection.

I have to wonder if he didn't' come in with something and the mites prevented him from throwing it off. But if he had something like a cold or upper respitory ailments then why were there no symptoms?

Is it possible for a kitten to have an allergy to mites that is so severe it could cause fever, lethargy and loss of appetite? I find nothing in the literature that says so. The Vets are still stumped by this, and so are we.

In any case, Willie is playing with Max, he's put on weight and he's been perfectly normal and happy since the 28th. Thanks go out to Bastet, Ashli and the amazing Dr. Chad. who helped us through this. Go, Willie!

They are at the clinic as we speak, being neutered. I've put a note about them into the monthly newsletter and they will both be available for adoption beginning on Friday, May 13th. (That seems right. They are Witch Cats, after all)


The May newsletter went up and out yesterday. Snake wrote a wonderful essay on using unexpected tools in the Craft. Her evocation of Beltane is lovely, as well.

I added in some notes about May Day vs Beltane Old Style & Lunar Beltane - the distinctions are not usually taught. I find it odd that people celebrate a seasonal holiday on a calendar date and do full moon ceremonies on the closest weekend that's convenient. To me, as a Green Witch, this seems counter-intuitive, especially for a practice that prides itself on a connection to earth rhythms.

Still, it's fascinating to see the creative ways in which people celebrate the rites of spring and find their own personal connection to this season. At FCE we like to highlight different practices, worldwide, so that people can be open to all the possibilities that are out there and get an idea for the history, art and action spring inspires. It isn't easy being connected to Gaia in an urban setting, which is where most of our readers now live, so we offer ways to do that, too.

Seeking a broader perspective (and finding an avenue to peace) is one reason why we also list so many different cultural festivals on the FCE calendar. It's hard to hate someone when you love their food.

Other News:
The newsletter staff are doing a great job. We may have found an new Editor (or two) and someone experienced has stepped forward who want to work on the Pagan Census Project. This person may also do some interviews. I've talked to one person on the phone and I have plans to speak to the other before we leave on vacation.

Speaking of vacation:
We leave for Italy and Greece at the end of May. I hope to write some notes from the road. We'll see how it goes.

People are used to having me available pretty much 24/7 these last 5 years. I am taking more time for myself these days and encouraging the others to do so, as well. So I may write from the road or I may just be dancing on a beach somewhere - it all depends.


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