Thursday, April 28, 2005

Humanism and the Green Tradition

Someone wrote to me today asking about the difference between Humanism and a Green Tradition, which is my personal Path.

I gave him the short answer (the long one is very long and requires that one sit up with friends far into the night, preferably in front of fire, with chocolate, cats, good reference books and a beverage close to hand).

I wrote:

This might help: Visit Full Circle and read the first page, which discusses the Pagan Path.

In brief:

A Green Tradition involves working with plants, Gaia's energy and animals. We believe that these are sacred, that each has different energies and needs that connect with the larger planet-as-Gaia, and that each requires our protection when threatened. People are a part of that, but not the only part and not always the most important part.

Living on earth is not about command and control, but connection and communion. Common Sense helps. Perhaps because it is not so common.

Most of us are involved in the environmental movement or in companion and wildlife rescue. Many of us also work with children, who are threatened, as well. As Terry Pratchett says "A Witch speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves".

We like people (more of less) but we think that we, as a culture, pay far too high a price for making man (or woman) "King Baby" and indulging his worst appetites and excesses. I say this as someone with a degree in Renaissance Literature who respects the fundamentals of Humanist thinking :-)

That's the short answer. I hope it helps.


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