Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Year of the Rooster

I emailed my buddy Janet (Dir., Wildlife Rescue) & Bernadette (Humane Society) today about fundraising & suggested that they do a mailing during the Lunar New Year. I sent them my notes about the Year of the Rooster and an article on working with the Asian community.

I'm writing my yearly article on the Lunar New Year for the Feb. Newsletter - thus the notes.

I also did some research yesterday on the ancient Hawaiians and what holidays they may have celebrated around the lunar calendar and I sent that along to Laura. She and I might arrange for a drumming & dance concert in future. I'd like to include her Hawaiian dancers, some of our local Belly Dancers, along with drummers from different cultures (plenty of that around here). Something to consider for 2006.


Notes - Year of the Rooster
Begins 2/9, 2005

2005 - Chinese Calendar: Year of the Green, Wooden Rooster

Roosters are symbols of protection and good fortune. (Feng Shui)

Pronunciation of the wood "Rooster" in Chinese is the same as "Good Luck".

Green = color of hope & spring, regeneration, youthful outlook, fertility, romance, abundance, prosperity.

Wood = family. Profession/business attitude & diligence will be rewarded. Pay attention to details!

Scientific achievement to production. Creativity. Emergence of new talents.

Good time to find love or form a family. Family needs to come first this year. Oddly enough, it's considered to be a bad time to get married.

"Roosters are also very peaceful birds. They guard their owners. In fact, it is a common misconception that roosters are cocky. They are only cocky for a reason."

Roosters are reliable. While they have a powerful sex drive, they are are loyal and faithful to their family. They are also guardians - don't cross the Rooster.

Good time to form new businesses or partnerships. Bad time to be lazy or careless.

Attention to detail is key - otherwise, you could miss important seeds (which symbolize new beginnings).

Whole grains for feast (no fowl of any kind!). Try to avoid meat. Food should be light.

Play with your hairstyle & with color. Let green be dominate, but allow rainbows of colors (as in a roosters tail). Use natural fabrics.

Time to be kind to animals, cherish pets, and speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. (Pet friendly bills in 2005)

Additional Notes: My We'Moon calendar arrived today (and there was much rejoicing). The Editors at We Moon choose to list as the year of the Phoenix for metaphysical reasons. As usual, they have a lovely article on the lunar New Year, and I'll quote from that.

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