Saturday, November 20, 2004

What's Past, Is Prologue

What's Past, Is Prologue: Post Election Thoughts from a Maven. This article was written after the 2004 Presidential election; a time when many people felt depressed and unable to move forward. It now appears at TWV.

My father died just before Samhain. Soon afterwards, George Bush was re-elected for a second term. We miss my Dad, every day and we talk about him all the time, but he had a great life and a good death and we're all grateful for that. In any case, Dad's fine, now. I'm not so sure about the country.

As usual, my Dad's vote and mine canceled each other out. We used to tease each other about that, but neither of us ever missed a chance to vote or an election. Mom and Dad could vote by mail becuase they live in Oregon, so his vote was counted afer all. He would have liked that.

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