Monday, July 19, 2004

WB Graphics

I spoke to MysticHawk for about an hour on the phone today.  Work on the graphics portion of the website is going well and is on task.  She hopes to be done by the end of July.

 We have chosen the colors for the main section and for the theme section. A map of the silk road will be used as in a very creative way. 

She is also designing a new logo for the WB.

I will send her notes on art & costuming graphics this week.  Emphasis is on China, Venice, the Middle East, India and Constantinople.  (Dover books are a real help, here)

 Laurel will send her the final drafts of her text asap. 

Everyone is working very hard and the schedule looks good.

A note about the FCE staff: These good people work through illness and demands from their real life, as well as family visits, births, deaths, et all. They always have a host of other demands on their time.  We are very lucky to have such responsible, talented people at FCE .

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