Thursday, July 22, 2004

Debriefing volunteers

Ravensong, the Witches' Ball Director, is currently debriefing staff & volunteers about their experiences at the Beltane Ball last May.  

Everything went very well, but we can always do things better.  It's important to ask our folks what they think, as they often have very good ideas for improvements.  Also, we want know what sort of experience our general volunteers have at our events.   It's important the these people get clear directions, have fun, and feel appreciated for the work they do.

General volunteers are the folks who show up and help decorate, help with set up, work the ticket table and/or help with take down at the end of the evening.  The also pass out flyers or help get the word out in other ways.  We could not do our events without them. 

Senior volunteers are those people who have been with us for several years, and and who know how our events work. They can help out the new folks when needed and they keep on eye out for problems or mis-communication among the staff.  These people are usually "cash approved" to work the ticket tables, raffle, etc. 

FCE Staff are those volunteers who are in charge of an particular area, such as decorating.  They usually hold a Chair position or work on an important committee, like the website team.    Or they might act as Networking Coordinator, Editor-In-Chief of the newsletter, Vendor Coordinator, etc. 

1 out of every 100 Pagans we meet has the time, willingness, skills & exerperience to work as a member of our Senior Staff.  We have always been blessed in the people we have here at FCE, and we meet some great new people every year.  Since these folks are so very hard to find, we cherish them. FCE folks are responsible, fun loving and great to work with. 

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