Monday, June 21, 2004

Council Leader's Job

Sia is the Council Leader (AKA President) & Founder of Full Circle.  She works a full time job and her work for FCE is done on a volunteer basis:

Here are Details from Sia on her tasks at Full Circle Central:

* WB website construction (working with Chairs & Senior Staff on text,graphics, etc.)
* Working with the WB Director on the 2004 WB
* Working with FCE Treasurer (Advertising, Fund Raising, payments, etc.)* FCE Council matters (2004 & plans for 2005)
* Individual meetings with Staff, as needed
* Phone meetings with Staff, as needed
* Finding Newsletter items to send to Snakemoon for FCE newsletter (myfavorite thing)
* Writing essays for newsletter plus I've been requested to write a fewessays for PanGaia/SageWoman & some further essays for The Witches' Voice (most of my essays are on hold for a while as I try to catch up on my other FCE work).
* Writing FCE Business reports, Fund raising requests & FCE updates for the newsletter & Council
* Reviewing essays by other staff members as requested
* Reviewing project ideas by others are requested
* Pagan Voting Project (new project)
* FCE calendar updates (adding in social events - my other favorite thing)
* Designing new sections for the FCE calendar (with Scoutghost & CL - this is on hold until after the WB)* Dealing with WB Vendors (and Vendor requests)
* The WB (working with all Chairs & Committee members on various matters as needed)
* FCE 501-C paperwork (final drafts are in production)
* Answering all FCE general emails, as needed.
* Forwarding requests for info to the Senior Staff as appropriate
* Finding Sponsors for events
* Keeping paper and electronic records & updating all files as needed.
* Counseling, networking with and/or mentoring FOS's (Friends of the Staff)as requested
* Networking with local contacts and other Pagan organizers, as requested.
* Miscellaneous stuff (whatever crisis perches my desk)
* Answering FCE "history questions" for staff as needed (i.e. "We did it this way in 2002" "This worked before and that didn't")
* Working with Ops Chair to keep FLARE folks in the loop about the WB &other events* Working with the Secretary of Spiral Steps as needed.
* FCE website updates to various pages (working on links page at present)
* Working with Web Chair on plans for 2005.
* Hoping to get some chapters done on my book about FCE & grass roots organizing.