Monday, September 09, 2002

Gaia's Guardian Award 2002

Note to members announcing Gaia’s Guardian Award Winner for 2002:

The Gaia’s Guardian Award is given annually by Full Circle to a person or group for "Outstanding work benefiting Mamma Gaia and her creatures". These people inspire the rest of us by their courage, caring and compassionate action. You do not have to be Pagan to win this award - what counts are good deeds and a noble heart. I am pleased and happy to announce that the Winner of this year’s Gaia’s Guardian Award is The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.

The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured and orphaned wildlife. Included among the animals on Care List are squirrels, ducks and all types of water birds, eagles, owls, hawks, songbirds, swallows, foxes, raccoons, Canadian geese, hummingbirds, possums and snakes. As of June of this year they received over 2,251 animals in their shelter. On average, they deal with almost 5,000 animal cases a year.

The Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization. Up until 1993, the volunteers were part of the Wildlife Department of the Humane Society of Santa Clara. In 1992, their volunteers received and took care of 7,000 animals. In 1993, due to budget cuts, the Wildlife Department was no longer in existence. After receiving this devastating news, their volunteers pulled together and started the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. This organization has been in existence since the fall of 1993.

The Parks Department of San Jose has allowed them to use one of their properties, and they were able to move into the facility in the summer of 1994. During their first year, they took in and cared for 3,774 animals. Although the center is primarily a receiving station for the animals, many injured animals are housed there in order to attend to their medical needs. Most of the animals that come to The center go to volunteers' homes for "home care".

Caring members of the public deliver sick, injured or orphaned birds and mammals to the Wildlife Center in San Jose. Their skilled volunteers provide care and rehabilitation. Without help, most of these animals would perish.

It is illegal in the State of California to keep any wildlife in your possession without a permit issued by the California Department of Fish and Game. The Wildlife Center has been issued such a permit. As a result, they are able to take in, house, and care for injured, sick or orphaned wild animals found by residents of Santa Clara County. First aid and basic care is done at the center by staff and volunteers. Major medical care is provided by veterinarians who donate their services.

The shelter is located at 3027 Penitencia Creek Road in San Jose California. Their phone number is (408) 929-WILD. They are always looking for donations, help and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact them via that phone number or through their website.

The Center also has a WISH LIST of much needed items. If you can contribute any of these items, please contact them. All of your donations (either cash or equipment) are Tax Deductable.

Their Wish List Can be found here:
Their Page for Kids can be found here:
Information on Volunteering can be found here:
The Gaia’s Guardian Award will be presented on stage to the members of the Wildlife Center staff at the Witches Ball. A $250.00 cash award will also be given to the Center. We are told that this will be used to help build a new Duck Pond for the care of baby and adult ducks brought into the Center.

We would like to thank our past and present Witches Ball attendees for your support. Your contributions in the form of ticket sales make this award possible.

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