Thursday, September 20, 2001

What We Did After 9/11

This letter was sent out to the general membership on 9/15


When disaster struck on Sept 11th, Full Circle immediately began a Pagan Blood Drive. We then called our Pagan contacts in other groups to see what was going on in our area. We took this knowledge and sent out announcements to our mailing list during the week. These announcements included information on inter-faith vigils and open rituals organized by other groups. We knew that you were shocked and grieving and we wanted you to have a place to go where you might find comfort and support.

We then sent out information about websites for FEMA, the Red Cross, Grief Counseling, and sites that promote Tolerance. We also made our folks aware of the Disaster Forum up at The Witches Voice and sent them to website that would help them explain this tragedy to their children.

Our Counsel Members responded calmly, civilly and firmly to the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s remarks on the 700 CLUB. You can read an essay on his remarks and his subsequent “apology” by clicking here.

Immediately following his remarks, we wrote directly to him, to his bosses at the National Baptist Convention and to our local, state and national representatives in government as well as to the local and national media. We stated our horror and sadness at his hate-filled rhetoric (which did NOT represent the views of the general Christian population).

We stood up for our community and against intolerance and we reminded those in power that we had the sacred right as citizens of this great country to freedom of religion. We pointed out that we vote and that we would be watching with great interest to see their reaction to these or any future remarks that attempt to link our community to acts of terrorism or that threaten our civil rights in any way.

Since we’re not empowered to speak for you, we’ve written these letters as individual members of the Pagan community. We hope that you, too, will take the time to let your government representatives know how you feel about important matters like free speech, freedom of religion, tolerance and civil liberties.

Be well, go safe,


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