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MUSE CAMP - August 11, 12th & 13th.

In a nutshell…it’s a chance to be yourself. It’s a manifested vision to share with others in a society that you feel you immediately belong to. You’re united by experiences that transcend everyone…. it’s a chance you can’t get anywhere else. We’re an incredibly diverse group that anyone can be apart of…you don’t have to dress any certain way. There’s no requirement that you paint your body; there’s no requirement that you doff your clothes. The only requirement is that you participate and the only authority word on that is you – not the group.

Everyone understands that there’s an ethic, that it’s a community and not merely an event. We dismiss the title “festival”; we’re not a festival; we’re a city; we’re a community.
Normally we are spectators in our own lives. Instead, we’ve changed this to an active relationship where you become the creator. (This sort of gathering) creates that level of connection not only with our inner selves but with other people and with great nature.”

(Larry Harvey quoted in an interview in Magical Blend Magazine about Burning Man. The Burning Man experience was one of the inspirations for MUSE Camp. We owe much of our own vision of a creative Neo-pagan gathering to his groundbreaking work in creating tribe.)

I. MUSE Camp Information:


The workshop schedule continues to expand – there will be much to see and do at MUSE Camp. Here are some of the offerings listed on our Workshop and Events schedule:

Bast workshop – Runes:Their meaning and mystery – Mask Making – Sacred Dance for Women – Nature Journals – Pagan Parenting panel – Moving with Nature – Healing with Sound – Constructing a Giant Dream Catcher – Drumming Circles – Open Bardic – Greenman panel for Men – Practical Shape Shifting –Magikal Soaps – Panel on Bay Area Resources for Neo-Pagans – Community Art Project – Arts & Craft Tables – Pagan Music Concert – Irish Step Dancing – Music Writing – Moving with nature dance class – Kid’s Sign Along – Nature Tables – Nature Hikes – Magikal Box Making class – Scrying Mirrors workshop - Dancing on the Green at night –A Silly Ritual – The Bast Ritual and lots more…..

You can view the current list at our website - look under MUSE/Activities. Also, there will now be two nature hikes, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Note sent after MUSE Camp:

We’re back from MUSE Camp (and still unpacking) and I just want to say “Thank you” again to all of the wonderful volunteers who made this event so special. The weather was perfect. The workshops were very popular (especially magical box making and the mask making workshops). The Dreamcatcher was both great fun and very significant to adults and children alike. The Bast and the Silly rituals were splendid. They did much to bring our community together via the magic of laughter and dance. The Crafts offered by Owlwind and Fernalia were varied, fun and (dare I say it) educational. The Community Art Project was a great success (and will be coming an event near you very soon in the form of a quilt). We all loved drumming in a circle in front of a fire surrounded by pine trees and redwoods underneath that beautiful moon. Thanks again to our Mad Drummers, Carol and Michael, for leading the beat, and thanks also to our Chief Bard, Matt, for leading us in song and story late into the night.

It was truly a magikal weekend – so much so that we are thinking of doing it again next year. So to all of you people who said, “This was great – let’s do it again!” I say, “Wonderful…. and if you really want to make it happen then NOW is the time to sign up for Committees, make suggestions or offer workshops. So, you Doers and Shakers, please write to us care of this address.

Note - This was so much work and there were so few people who were willing to help, that we never did it again. That makes me sad, becuase it was so much fun. But we decided to turn our attention and our resources to the Witches' Ball.

Afterwards, of course, many of us would go camping together, but that weekend at MUSE Camp was magickal and can never be repeated. I'm so glad that we had that time togehter.


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