Sunday, June 04, 2000

Solstice Celebration at Sanborn Park

The Solar Celebration Picnic was a great success. All who attended had perfect weather and a peaceful day in the company of friends and loved ones.

Our Special Thanks go out to:

Owlwind: Our Nature Guru – she lead our folk on a wonderful nature walk. (How does she get all of those animals to come out just for her?). She also arranged for the many nature crafts at the Craft Table. I now have a banana slug finger puppet on my desk – his name is Fred.

Andy: Who helped us decorate the site and made all feel welcome in the Group area and at the Craft Tables. Andy, you’re my very favorite Greenman.

Mary: Our Good Humor Witch, who painted faces all day long and who was always there when we needed a hand.

You should know that these folks were there at 8:30 AM to help set up the camp and that they were still there are 8 PM to help us break down and clean up. They are True Hearted, Strong and Brave and we thank them.

We would also like to thank:

Ashlie: Our Music Goddess, whose friendly, 4 foot green iguana was the hit of the party.

Michael: who loaned us CDs from his collection at San Jose Metaphysical.

Lee Ann & her daughter Elizabeth: The two fair ladies who decorated our camp with those bright and cheerful balloons.

And to the grand folks who played, cooked, drummed, danced, colored, created, sang, Frisbee’d, visited, walked their dogs, wandered in the woods and just plain relaxed with us in that beautiful park, I say “Thank you” for the pleasure of your company.


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